Saturday, February 27, 2010

Operation: Legal Kitty

I have been having kitty related stress lately. The apartment complex I was to stay in in Korea has a no cats allowed rule. I worried about this, and I even considered sneaking her in.

After discussing it with my company, they talked with the landlord's wife. First she said no. Then said it was because cats make so much noise. I told them my cat is SO QUIET! and my company kept wearing her down. Finally she said yes, but her husband said no. Twice. Then today I got this news:

They finally called me today, and told me that she could bring the cat (Dr. Kim also talked to them), but if the residents complain, they can't allow her to have the cat there. Julia said her cat is so calm and does not make any noise at all. As long as she's careful when she brings her outside.

HOORAY!!! I am so excited about this!

I also received news that my paperwork is being processed and that everything should be finished on March 8. Once the paperwork is finished I will book an appointment with the Korean consulate in Seattle and then get my airline ticket! SO EXCITING!

So yes, I will be heading to Korea VERY SOON and I will be legally taking my kitty with me! YAY!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations! and I'm waiting for some new photos of you and the cat.
P.S. But are you sure your kitty is SO CALM? :)